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Turchet srl was founded in 1981, in Porcia, in the province of Pordenone as a wholesaler of prestigious food brands of cured meats, cheeses and appetizers; the constant search for innovative products has stimulated the founder Claudio Turchet, together with his wife Donatella and the whole family, to undertake a new artisan gastronomy business at the beginning of the 90s. Following the new challenges of the markets, the company begins to grow , with technological and production innovations.

The passion and constant commitment to the pursuit of quality have helped a small artisan reality to become a reference point where you can find the best appetizers on the market.


In the year 2000 the founding company was totally renovated and enlarged on 1000 square meters, which still brings together the production of vegetables, meat-based appetizers and Porcia trout.

In 2007, a new 3000 m2 plant was built entirely dedicated to

production of fish products ed

to the storage of raw materials.


The story of the Risorgiva trout

comes from an encounter between

Prince Guacello di Porcia and

Claudio Turchet, united in the

idea of enhancing gastronomic excellence and love for

the Porcia territory.

Prosecco of

Our Prosecco Superiore

DOCG is a sparkling wine produced

in Valdobbiadene, Conegliano.

It is created by blending grapes from only this area, wisely worked for

create a unique cuvèe.


Our liqueurs are born from passion for the land of Claudio Turchet.

They are made with fruit from our plantation, adjacent to

the Porcia company.

The fruits, devoid of any

treatment, let grow according to nature, they are collected and delivered to our trusted distillery, which gives life to our liqueurs.

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